Who Are We?

We are sinners, saved by grace. We are children; we are adults. We are young; we are old. Married, Divorced, Widowed; Individuals who form the Body of the Church.

Our Mission

The mission of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church is to Reach the Lost, Disciple the Saved.
We desire to take the message and ministry of God’s love to our community and world.

God has brought us together as a body of believers in Jesus Christ to make known His majesty and glory.  Our mission begins in our local community and spreads around the globe.  In order to accomplish the task, we focus on the truth.  The Bible, God’s word, is totally true.  In it God has revealed Himself.  In it He has provided an authoritative and sufficient body of knowledge to address humanity’s most important needs.  We therefore seek to be Bible-centered in our thinking and in our doing.

Based upon the revealed truth of God, our foremost duty and privilege is to worship Him.  Worshiping God encompasses all of life.  Our worship of God is foundational to everything else we do.

Taking the message and ministry of God’s love to our community and world is our response to the greatness of God.  We know what love is because He first loved us.  We know what love is because Jesus Christ laid down His life for us.  We must therefore spread the message of this love and we must minister to emulate this love to a world whose greatest need is a reconciled relationship with God through Jesus Christ.